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Founded on July 18th 2008 by henshin and Bro14

Ct3 stands for Climax Till 3nd (Climax Till End) fansubs group, which is a shortened version of the famous Momotaros (Kamen Rider Den-O) tagline : ” I’m at the climax from the beginning until the end” [revision needed]. It suppose to be named CTE but henshin decided to use the number 3 (three) instead of E because of no reason.

STAFFS (Sori tak buat page khas untuk ni)

Kamen Rider Wizard
[Penterjemah] SilentWalker92
[Editor] Achiik Jerr
[Lain-lain] henshin
[Special Thx] GuSTaVauM, Over-Time

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
[Penterjemah asal] S.N Fansub
[Penterjemah] wawa_usagi
[Lain-lain] henshin

Kamen Rider Ghost
[Penterjemah OP]Adan Duntz
[Distro] Encik K
[Lain-lain] henshin
[Special Thx] GuSTaVauM, Over-Time

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