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Status Terkini

ct3fansubs, 02 November 2010 02:17:42

Assalamualaikum, dah lama x dengar khabar. Kalau nak saya tulis kat Facebook pun, mungkin ada pihak yg tak tahu tentang penjelasan dan penerangan tersebut, maka lebih mudah untuk menulisnya sebagai post di website sahaja. Untuk posting kali ni, biar saya beritahu sedikit sebanyak tentang status Ct3-fansubs.

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New Fansubbers in Town

ct3fansubs, 05 August 2010 15:02:26

Hey, just a quick info! There’s a new fansubs in town – In Malay fansubs too! Check their website HERE. I’ll try to ask for their permission…

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Kami Belum Mati

ct3fansubs, 31 March 2010 01:50:47

Hello! How are you, okay? Well, I just want to inform that we ( aren’t giving up on fansubbing yet (hooray…?). We didn’t release anything in the past few weeks is due to the tight schedule that both me (h3nshin) and cyberx-94 are having right now… So please, do expect a sudden release from us, […]

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We are on AmixStream!

ct3fansubs, 21 January 2010 09:42:20

What is AmixStream anyway? I’ll let the catchphrase tell it – “1st Malaysian Dub/Sub Anime Video Collection” I just noticed that our Gundam series was uploaded in that website and a lot of thanks to the uploader itself (THANKS!). Visit that website now, they have collections of anime dubbed in malay and subbed (by us) […]

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[WTS] php-search-engine script

ct3fansubs, 15 December 2009 17:43:37

For you regular website maker out there… Amazon@BaikPunyo just happen to tell me that he is currently selling script for a php-search-engine at a very affordable price (rm80/copy + copyright removal). If you are interested, PM Amazon by his YM (

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