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ct3fansubs, 05 January 2010 15:58:04
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We will sub Kamen Rider W! The decision is made! Click “view post” for more info ~We at ct3-fansubs are currently in need of fresh recruit(s) to help us to bring we yet another thrilling kamen rider series for Malaysians. Are you have what it takes to help us? Staff vacancy for W:

  1. Translator – Japanese to Malay translators are always welcomed but for all English to Malay translators, please don’t be shy to knock on our door.
  2. Editor – Nobody is perfect, and so does translators. Translator and Editor will work out as partners to make a good release.
  3. Karaoke maker – We are in need of some new style and feel for our release. Do help us with that. My karaoke skills is getting old and uncool anymore.

Interested individuals please send us a mail (ct3fansubs@gmail.com) containing your nickname, experience and IM details (YM id, MSN id, etc.)

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3 Responses to “We (W) needs you!”

  1. d3v073d_50uL says:


    I’ve ‘finish’ translating those…
    IF you know what i mean :p

  2. admin says:

    Haha, I know that ~ For those who didnt understand read my post back at my blog so get a hold of what he is talking bout

  3. adanduntz says:

    maybe i can try to do eng-malay..is it gonna take a lot of my time?

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